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Timothy Holt

(805) 462-0121

Preservation Capital Group LLC is a group of financial professionals committed to upholding the highest standards and service.

Preservation Capital Group offers a synergy between its  brokerage relationship with Madison Avenue Securities LLC., insurance services  and tax awareness. This combination brings the opportunity to offer unbiased advice to investors desiring a coordinated process between financial planning, tax awareness and insurance services. Preservation Capital Group LLC can simplify the process of managing wealth and remaining financially independent and secure.

Our thorough consulting method leads to a balanced approach of strategically allocating investments and resources using securities, alternative investments and fixed investments, as well as life and health insurance solutions.

Headquartered in Atascadero, California, Preservation Capital Group LLC provides personal service to individual investors and businesses. We service local relationships, as well as clients throughout California and the United States. Preservation Capital Group offers customers face to face meetings and a level of service uncharacteristic of the industry.

Our Founder, Timothy H. Holt, is the President of Preservation Capital Group LLC. Since 1989, Timothy has been helping to protect investments and educating people around the community. He has been a featured speaker on local radio and TV stations and his commentary has been published in many local newspapers and magazines.

“When you work with an Advisor at Preservation Capital, you should expect your goals to be put first, and a level of professionalism only found only in seasoned firms.” Timothy H. Holt- President